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our history in pictures

"Spells are mad at night"

Our great-grandparents had a bakery
our grandparents had a bakery
our parents had a bakery ... "

It is the synthesis of our history, a refrain handed down for generations that resounds in our ears since we were children, and that now continues with ...

"... we have a bakery."

the laboratory with its perfumes, the mountains of freshly baked rolls, the rows of fragrant cakes lined up on work benches. We have become great with these images, with these experiences repeated over time, and the magic of childhood memories has become the background of our current work commitment.
Like our fathers, we are now getting up every night to try to revive the same magic and the same goodness in the products that reach your tables.
The values ​​we refer to are also a legacy of our family tradition: the passion for white art, the care for the genuineness of the ingredients and the love for our territory ...
... respect for the recipes of the past and attention to the taste of the present, the balance between manual skills and technology, the continuous improvement and the search for new products that aim to satisfy your tastes.
A century of activity has revealed a thousand teachings to prepare "the best things in the world", but also that little secret that binds us to the deepest part of our lives and that we want to share with you.
The Staff

The great passion for this work, the awareness and the pride of belonging to a territory of such noble history and culture, and the desire to tell it to the world, stems our commitment to best meet your requests with craft proposals that bring in life the taste of local tradition.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.
The lab
Panettone production begins
Production of colombe and Pizze - Italian easter cakes
Deliveries begin
Processing of "tozzetti"
Historical images
Video of some production phases
Panificio Mari dal 1925 di Mari Mauro
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